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June 13 2011
Just graduated from Drexel on Saturday the 11th. Was a great day, bit of showers but nothing to horrible. Started out with a walk around the ol' studio then down to the Athletic Facility to grab our diploma. (the real diploma ofcourse will be sent through the mail)

In the end I had a great time and I feel great. I might look into University of Penn next year but, what I'm really hoping for is a job in my field.


May 10th 2011
Recently I have been putting a lot of time into the new Matthew Zakutny Dot Com. I am hoping this site to have: better navigation, nicer graphics, and play a major role in my website capabilities.

My Morning Story

May 2nd 2011
Now that college is over it's about time I catch up with My morning Story. For those of you out there that might not know what my morning story Is, I suggest checking it out:
My Morning Story

My Morning Story is a place for amateur writers to get together, share their work, and become better writers in the end. I created this website awhile ago for my passion in writing. Since then I have added over 300 users and see new contributors weekly. Currently I need to work on creating a shopping area for our users as well as begin My Morning Stories first book.

Finished College

April 30th 2011
Well, I just finished up my Thesis at Drexel University and am pretty proud of myself. I didn't win the competition but I was placed as a finalist amongst my peers. I am considering searching for other competitions to enter in this summer or possibly for next year.

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