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Matt Zakutny grew up in Newark Delaware where he attended the Christina School district. During highschool he stumbled upon some drafting courses that were geared toward Architectural and structural engineering. Here Matt found his passion for Architecture and became heavily involved in the drafting program by joining the Technology Student Association also known as the T.S.A. Soon Matt became the Vice president of this association and won a silver medal in a state wide competition.

After graduation Matt decided to attend Delaware Tech & Community College seeking his Associates. During his time at Delaware Tech he concentrated on bringing his grades up as well as being the Secretary of the Delaware Tech Architectural & Engineering Association Club. Three years later Matt graduated with an associates in Architectural/Engineering program.

At this time, Matt moved to Southern Delaware seeking a position in an Architectural firm. A year later he found a small Civil Engineering firm, DC Group Engineering. There Matt learned Auto cad spending most of his time devloping construction drawings and helping with design ideas. While working at DC Group he decided it was time to go back to college for his B.A. he soon joined a Co-op program offered at Drexel University, eventually forcing him to move closer to school.

This brought Matt to N. Wilmington where he found a position at DCI Architects. There He spent most of his time designing Floor plans, Elevations, and Building sections. After working at DCI for over a year Matt felt the need to have more work and responsibility, but it seemed he had hit a brick wall prompted him to seek employment from other firms that were willing to help him grow into an Architect. It's at John Lister Architects that Matt found a place with more promise and responsibilities, but just 8 months into working for John Lister Architects, the economy hit a wall and Matt was laid off

This put him in a bad situation economically, but he has since Graduated from Drexel University and found a position working as a Night Auditor at the local Holiday Inn in hopes to someday return into the Architectural field.