A Compilation of Short Stories

The Married man

June 25th 2009
It was 2:00 AM, I just left Bankers Bar. The walk home is a bit short: Head down Main Street, hang a left on Jays Avenue and I'm the first house on the left. It was a typical week, the typical day, and seemed to be my typical night. That is until I noticed a man on the sidewalk. he seemed rough, dirty and unshaven. The man was clearly unfamiliar to the town and unfamiliar to me.

This is when I decdided that it was in my best interest to pick up my pace and ignore the man as I walked by. "Absolutely no eye contact" I muttered to myself. A few minutes later, the man was well behind me and my little worries of being robbed were gone. That was when I heard a SHOT in-to the air, and then a second of silence. I didn't turn around, instead I picked up the pace, as I was rounding Jays Avenue toward my house.**To Continue Reading Please goto My Morning Story - The Married Man

Married Man - The PRelude

July 16th 2009
It was early fall, and the leaves were already beginning to melt into those beautiful colors. The floors of the road were painted in red and yellow, while all of the sidewalks in town were swept clean. The College town was very active, with a lot of bars, movie theaters and clubs. It was the place to be Even the townies couldn't get enough of their own Town.

Harry's Bar and Lounge was probably the most popular joint in this town. It had a beautiful, classical facade that sat atop a huge stair well. **To Continue Reading Please goto
My Morning Story-The Prelude

Cold Nights

February 21 2011
Standing there Abel noticed he was cold, wet and tired. Something at ankle level compelled him to look down, "I'm standing in water," No wonder why I'm wet!" he said."

The time must have been 4am, much past his normal hours of sleep. "Sleep Walking? Where the hell am I" Sirens rang into his ears, and were clearly coming toward his direction. Abel ran quickly behind one of the suburban house fences and waited for the cops or whomever to drive by. After a moment he realized he was laying down in a thick patch of grass in a suburban neighborhood. "I live in the city, where the hell am I?" **To Continue Reading Please goto My Morning Story-Cold Nights>

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